Creating the perfect headshot

There are many needs to get a new headshot. You could be an actor needing a fresh one for your upcoming audition. You're a businessman needing a new headshot for your business' website or giving your LinkedIn a facelift. You could just want to get some for fun or show off on social media.

Over the years, as a headshot photographer in Little Rock, I get all kinds of requests when it comes to headshots.

Whatever the case is. Headshots are important and can be a fun way to show off your personality and who you are as a person. Headshots aren't limited to one group of people or professionals. I think it's important that everyone should have a least one in their arsonel.

As a photographer, it's my job to help capture that personality. I like to say I help capture "your authentic self, but better."

So what does this mean? This means I do not overedit the photos and I make sure the lighting and posing is natural and comfortable for a client.


There is a psychology to photo taking. What you may think looks natural and relaxed could translate as stiff or uncomfortable in the actual photo taken.

Headshots are more than just showing those pearly whites. There is a subtle art and science to it, and it takes a keen eye to make sure the poses are just right. This is where us photographers come in.

For example, while your arms or hands may not be seen, just having them hang down your side could translate to you being bored or shrugging. A simple trick is just putting your hands on your hips or pulling your shoulders back makes a world of a difference.

Body language is everything. It can make a break a photo. If you do it wrong, it can make you come off the wrong way, and not even know it. It's about showing your personality, being confident, and make that smile infectious.


I am a firm believer in wearing clothes you are comfortable in. Don't wear anything that "isn't you."

You need to be able to capture your authentic self and personality in your headshots. Bring whatever fits well and makes you feel great. Patterns and textures are a great choice, and layers! Any type of jacket, sweater, cardigan, etc. are always fun to play with and adds depth to what you are wearing. While most colors are good options, avoid nudes. Avoid any baggy or loose-fitting clothes if possible.

If you absolutely need to go shopping, feel free to keep the tags on it so you can return it later.


Let's talk hair and makeup. We'll begin with hair.

Your hair should be styled and combed. Do not come to a shoot with bedhead. While a photographer can take out the stray hairs, we are not miracle workers! Always add product to your hair, even if you want the "no-product" look.

The goal is to keep stray hairs down and make sure your hair will stay out of your eyes and stay intact whenever you change your outfits or move around. If you're outdoors, always have products on hand and a comb. If you are in a place like Arkansas, you never know when a gust of wind may pop up and you definitively do not want to look windblown.

As far as makeup, keep it natural. You do not want it to take away. Unless you are an actor going for a dramatic look, or going for a certain character role, generally natural is best. Do not let this discourage you from playing with makeup. Always talk to your photographer about what you are wanting, and they will tell you what would work or not work.


In conclusion, your headshot should show you for you. Don't be afraid to try something new, show off your personality and remember, just have fun!